RAI is Hausa for "life".

It's pronounced [rahy]  as in RYE bread. 

I'm Christine.

Although I'm a lifelong creative chick, I've just begun to paint and draw in the spring of 2016.

This is my little creative space on the W-W-W. After living most of my life with fear, I'm choosing BRAVE.


What you can expect at Brave Rai:

REAL life through my lense. It's scary to be real and vulnerable. 

Because being BRAVE and living a brave life can be doing things even when we are afraid.

Afraid of rejection, afraid of no likes on social media. Afraid that no one may even notice or hear our voice and what we have to say.

It's real, sometimes raw, quirky and completely dorky, or serious. You are a person with many layers and different aspects of personality. Me, too!

agate acrylic painting canvas

Discover the joy of art and exploration with me. I enjoy playing around with different mediums and techniques, and I'm discovering my style as an artist.

Welcome to Brave Rai Studio, where I'm free to dream, explore and create. 


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